Sending Payment Summary Data to ATO

If you do self-print Payment Summaries you will have to send the information to the ATO. The ATO definitely does not want paper print-outs. You can either:
Writing the Diskette

You must do this if you self-print Payment Summaries on plain paper. From the Main Menu, Choices; Payment Summaries; Write Diskette.

A diskette can contain more than one data file. This is useful if you have several employer groups.

On the screen asking for Payer Details, PAY-PACK asks for Diskette Drive and File Sequence Number on Diskette. Enter 1 for the first (or only) file, 2 for the second file, etc. PAY-PACK will write the first file as EMPDUPE.A01, the second file as EMPDUPE.A02, etc.

On the screen asking for Payer Details, for Diskette Drive if you enter a blank then PAY-PACK will write the file to the PAY-PACK directory. To find the directory name, from the Main Menu go to Choices; File Information. This is useful in the following cases:

After you have printed the PS's and written the disk file, complete the Magnetic Media Information form. It is on page 194. In the upper right, it has a box with the letters EA. If you cannot find it, let us know and we will fax you a copy.

DO NOT FAX IT. Just include the form with your diskette, and mail it (no stamp needed) to the address on the MMI form:

Magnetic Information Processing Services

Australian Taxation Office

Reply Paid No 923

PO Box 923


Enquiry telephone number is 1800 642 933. The disk must be received by 14 August.

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